What To Do Before Meeting With A Custom Builder

After a lot of research and consideration, you have finally narrowed down your list of possible home builders. It is time to meet each professional and ask them several questions to decide who will be your partner in the next project. That is why it is essential to choose someone you can trust and that has the right qualifications (Kookaburra Homes – Stepney fit the bill). Here are five things you should do before the first meeting with a builder.

Do Your Research

The first thing you need to do before meeting a builder or interacting on Facebook is researching and understanding their background. Make sure to see their previous projects and visit these houses. Figure out what you like and don’t like about these buildings. Are these houses similar in style and size to what you want? How do these constructions look after 5 or 10 years? Ask for the details about a particular project, including challenges, costs, time and distinctive features, then prepare to point out your requirements for your home.

Ask Relevant Questions

The first time you meet a building professional can be overwhelming. So make sure to prepare a list of questions you want to ask, including:

  • How much time do you need to develop a cost estimate?
  • Who will be involved in this building project?
  • Are you experienced in building energy efficient houses?
  • Do you use long-lasting and sustainable building materials?

Say Your Preferences

If you have come up with a few ideas, it’s better to show a building contractor what you have in mind. If possible, bringing the actual visuals of what you need in your dream house can be useful in helping your designer and builder to get an overall understanding of what features you want to add in this project. It can also determine if the possible contractor has the same vision as yours.

Ask For References

All reputable builders should give you references from their previous clients. Before meeting them, make sure to ask for a few recommendations, both new and old, and visit these places to check. Ask these homeowners about the durability of their homes as well as the communication methods, cost estimate, response times, and responsibility of the builder.

Take Field Trip

Though building photos on Instagram might be appealing, it is essential to see the craftsmanship of the builder in person before you decide to sign the contract. Make sure to see both old and newly built houses. Focus on even the smallest details and find out if there is any visible damage due to moisture such as cracked flooring, chipped paint and water stains on the ceilings or walls. Ask these owners how they feel when working with the builder too.

Constructing your dream home is an exciting and rewarding process. But like any other significant life decision, it is essential to consider available options carefully. Meet with all potential builders before making your final decision.