You should never rely on the wind to blow the debris or dead leaves off of your roofing for you. Once you neglect these dead leaves for a long time, they will trap moisture and decay against roof shingles, making it the best conditions for rotting wood, algae, and mold. What he highly suggests would be a broom, roof rake, or a strong blower to help remove the dead leaves off of your roofing before the winter season sets in. For more additional inquiries, let us know and we will be pleased to help you out.  

How to effectively remove leaves from your roof? 

You can effectively get rid of dead leaves off of your roofing by utilizing either a broom, roof rake, or blower. The equipment you utilize for this task will totally be depending on your roof pitch and which one you do feel comfortable using. For instance, a leaf blower is ideal for blowing off roofing with low-pitch.  

On the other hand, a roof rake is recommended if you plan to remove some debris and dead leaves on your high-pitched roof. Meanwhile, you can also make do with a broom on an extension for your pinch.  

If you want to get a long-term answer, we suggest that you cut back the branches of your trees that are already touching your roof. This can greatly help to aid leaves to drop onto your yard rather than falling onto your roofing. Aside from that, this helps to stop insects from utilizing the branches of your tree as their pathways to reach your house.  

Is gutter cleaning really important? 

The answer to this is yes. You should never neglect cleaning your gutters at least twice every year during the spring and fall. Actually, you may be required to clean your gutter more frequently when you’ve got plenty of trees close to your home. Your gutters usually catch different types of natural debris like branches, seeds, pine needles, and leaves, which causes it to be blocked. 

Should you clean your gutter even with a gutter guard? 

Yes. Small debris such as pine needles and seeds can still slip past the gutter guards you installed. Because of this. You need to clean your gutters at least twice every year. Gutter guards are a great addition to your home since it helps in preventing massive debris like branches. Meaning, you won’t be spending as much effort and time cleaning.  

What will happen when you choose to neglect cleaning your roof or gutters? 

Once dead leaves are left to rot, they tend to seep in water and will eventually weigh down your gutters. Sooner or later, your gutters can possibly harm your home exterior as it pulls away from your gutters. Once the water won’t be properly drained from your gutters, there will surely be risks that it will penetrate below your roof shingles.  

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